Use and Limitations

PAKSHIELD is a personal protective device and is not “bulletproof” against all types of firearm rounds.

Like all ballistic inserts and personal protective devices, PAKSHIELD cannot be expected to stop all firearm rounds in all circumstances. PAKSHIELD is designed and produced to meet or exceed the Level IIIA ballistic standards established by the National Institute of Justices (“NIJ”). This is the highest level of flexible soft-body protection specified by the NIJ.

Level IIIA products offer protection from most handguns and semi-automatic rounds. This protection is up to and including 240 grain .44 Magnum Semi Jacketed Hollow Point (SJHP) bullets and 124 grain 9mm Full Metal Jacketed Bullets impacting at a velocity of 1400 ft/s or less.

Level IIIA products like PAKSHIELD are not rated for protection against rifle fire, such as rounds fired by an AK-47 or a .223 (AR-15). Level III hard armor and plate inserts are rated for such rounds.

For further information about NIJ ballistic standards, please see

PAKSHIELD is not a toy.

An active shooter event is the sole circumstance when your PAKSHIELD product should ever be used. The product is not a toy and under no circumstances should it be tested recreationally or informationally. Any such use could result in injury or death.

PAKSHIELD has a shelf life.

PAKSHIELD is constructed from state-of-the-art synthetic fibers. Such fibers degrade over time and cannot be guaranteed to maintain their effectiveness indefinitely. Accordingly, PAKSHIELD is only warranted for THREE YEARS, and purchasers agree to discontinue any and all use of the PAKSHIELD after such time.